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Do I need my building inspected before I demolish it?

Yes. Your local EPA air pollution control district or EPA air quality management district requires most structures to have an asbestos inspection prior to it being demolished, regardless of the year it was constructed. We would love the chance to help you figure out whether your building falls under one of their exceptions. Just go to our contact us link to get in touch.

Can I get my home/building free of all mold?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. For many people, mold spores are a health nuisance due to the changing of seasons, nearby trees blossoming, weather, stage of plant decay, plants blossoming, animals nearby, ad infinitum the list of sources of mold inside your building. Do not be discouraged, there is hope for those seeking practical, inexpensive and effective ways to reduce the amount of airborne mold spores negatively impacting your health. We would love the chance to help you! Just go to our contact us link to get in touch.

Who can I hire to inspect my building or home for asbestos or lead?

If you are a school or commercial building owner, the answer is that a trained and certified asbestos and/or lead consultant must be hired to perform inspections. If you are a homeowner of a single-family residence and you want to perform a home renovation project yourself, then you are not required to hire a certified consultant, but it is highly recommended. If you are curious who we think should inspect your building, just go to our contact us link to get in touch.


How much does it cost to have a test for asbestos, lead or mold done on my building?

The answer to this is far from straightforward. But – fear not! Our firm can get you the answer after asking just a few simple questions. By giving us a chance to answer this question, you might be pleasantly surprised and encouraged at the affordability of our services. Just go to our contact us link to get in touch.



Aren’t lead and asbestos banned in the USA?

No, they are not. There are several laws/regulations that prevent asbestos or lead from being put in certain structures. There are even laws/regulations banning certain products from being produced. However, our inspectors are finding newly installed materials that should not have asbestos or lead in them, do! This is a common misconception for building owners. This is why the EPA says most structures must be tested for both before being renovated or demolished. Would you like to find out if your floor, wall or ceiling materials could have asbestos or lead in them? Just go to our contact us link to get in touch.



Does the contractor we hired to renovate a section of our building need to have asbestos or lead training?

Yes. In California, if your building has asbestos or lead in the materials being disturbed for renovation or demolition purposes, the building owner is responsible for ensuring the contractor is licensed and using workers who are certified in asbestos and lead disciplines. Need help vetting contractors to ensure they are qualified to do the work? Let us help! Just go to our contact us link to get in touch.


Should I be afraid of toxic black mold?

Maybe. There is mold. There is black mold. There are people who have severe allergic reactions to certain types of mold, and black mold is frequently described as being toxic. The media-coined phrase “toxic black mold” is a scare tactic and an uninformed label that should be only used after investigative testing and laboratory results are confirmed. It is mere speculation to label all black mold as toxic or as mold at all. Spots appearing to be fungal growth should be tested to confirm it is indeed mold. Science has proven ongoing exposures to dense spore counts indoors create an unhealthy environment. Testing of indoor air for molds can be informative and useful to elderly people, childcare and learning environments, hospitals, prisons, corporate building owners, landlords and tenants. We can help find the answer! Just go to our contact us link to get in touch.


Should I have the building I am wanting to purchase tested?

Absolutely yes. Testing before escrow closes can help you avoid costly liability and mitigation problems. Would you like to know more about this? Just go to our contact us link to get in touch.

In what building materials or other items was asbestos used?

Floor tiles, ceiling tiles, roofing, gypsum board, drywall, stucco, plaster, adhesives, window glazing, vent pipes, electrical insulators, outdoor cement siding, stage curtains, cigarette butts, attic insulation, etc. Asbestos was added to over 3,000 materials or products, and that number continues to grow.

If I have lead in the paint in my building, should I be concerned?

Maybe. The mere fact of lead existing in paint does not pose health concerns, provided that the paint is in good, intact condition. If the condition of the paint is poor such as peeling, sloughing, bubbling, chipping, etc. this is cause for some concern. Need a professional’s opinion? Just go to our contact us link to get in touch.

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